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I can hear naysayers gearing up already. I agree the biggest drawback is he's a college coach who might not translate to the NFL. Also we don't know if his x's and o's can hang with the pro's. And finally, why would he come here when he is a god at Clemson?

But ... I'd LOVE to see us give him a shot. Here's why:

Ultimately, the thing we've always lacked through the Smitty and DQ years is this -- how well can you perform in the BIG GAME?

Smitty would build sound, well-prepared football teams who rarely beat themselves, and we'd usually get to the playoffs. But we did not raise our game once we did. He had us sound and steady, but not able to go for the kill in the big game.

DQ doesn't get us sound and well-prepared like that. Rather, he talks about toughness, never quitting, etc., but he produces a mentality that can only succeed after our record is so bad it no longer matters. He basically makes a team that chokes _until_ our back is against the wall. He is unable to win the boring games consistently. He _needs_ the team to be desperate before he can get them clicking.

Unfortunately, it happens inside the big games themselves. That's why we lose big leads. Once it gets easy, DQ has lost his motivational juice. He needs to squander the lead, get desparate again, and THEN motivate the team to play their guts out.

Dabo has both of these mastered. His team wins the boring games with consistency throughout the year. But what Dabo excels at, better than any coach I've ever _personally_ seen (not saying GOAT, just greatest of my adult lifetime), is getting the team to bring it's absolute best and even more when all the marbles are on the line. He can get them to outplay themselves when it matters most.

So, it's a gamble hiring a college coach. There's a 50% chance it will just flop. But with Dabo, the upside if he _does_ successfully translate to the NFL is HUGE. He's a coach who can deliver consistency in the boring games and heroics in the big games. I hope we give him that shot.

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4 hours ago, FalconFanSince1970 said:

Best thing for all of us right now is for this regime to stop stepping on their weenie and rattle off four or five wins. Injuries be dammed.

Quinn is over his head. All he ever really was was a shallow copy of pete carrol who struck gold with shanny.

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The last thing the Falcons need is another "rah rah college type coach." Seriously, we had that with Mora and now Quinn and we've seen how quickly these guys work out in the NFL. Why would we go down that road again? The definitely of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again and expecting different results.

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Dabo makes a living being those kids' best friend, being the "cool dad" coach

I really don't see how that flies in the NFL. 

I also don't understand how many on here can bash Quinn as a "rah rah" coach, and then ask for Dabo, unless you just don't know anything about him other than that he's Clemson's HC, and Clemson wins (in the terrible ACC)

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