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The Collapse of the Atlanta Falcons- Why The Falcons Culture is BROKEN

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2 hours ago, etherdome said:

Losing the Super Bowl the way he did, Dan Quinn deserved to be fired.  But, Blank wanted to establish stability in the face of calamity.  So, he kept Quinn.  After a somewhat lousy season in 2019, Blank should have pulled the trigger.

Now, the entire league, every ex-football player with a voice, every talking head and every single Falcons fan knows that Dan Quinn is a moron and should be fired.  When that many people KNOW that DQ needs to be fired, the owner is too late.....better said:  asleep at the wheel. 

This organization has some serious problems.  Clearly, McKay, Dimitroff and Blank are stuck in a bubble of fantasy.  They are the classic echo chamber and only hear what they want.  They have managed to waste the best years of arguably the best players in Falcons history (Sanders was number one).  

Dan Quinn is a moron that has managed to hoodwink the top brass.  That is an indictment against Quinn, as well as TD, McKay and Blank.  Shame on them all.  

A new coach is needed, but one that is actually intelligent, experienced and strong enough to transition this team.  There will need to be a gradual clearing out of the present guard.  And that means that we will not enjoy the peak years of Jarrett, Deion Jones and certainly not Ryan or Julio.  

I have come to terms with the wastage of Julio and Ryan's peaks, but it will be difficult to watch Jarrett and D Jones pour out their hearts on the field and not be sufficiently rewarded.  Both of them deserve better.  

Shame on Blank for listening to the likes of Rich McKay.  Shame on Dimitroff for being a yes man.  And shame on all three for propping up this lamebrain of a head coach.  

I will continue to watch this team from the corner of my eye.  To tell you the truth my heart will not be in it.  To tell you the truth, I hope they lose every game going forward.  Does that make me a "fair weather fan" or a "turncoat"?  You decide.  I don't mind the insults. 

I want the first pick in this next draft and a I want to rebuild with a new corner stone QB.  I know that our needs are on defense, but let's face it, this is a rebuild.  And I hope that Blank will clean house and finally find a GM and HC with serious intentions and abundant intelligence.  

After almost 40 years of following this team, I feel that I deserve at least that.  

I am in the same boat. I want us to tank for the rest of the year.  It would not only be the impetus of a complete overhaul it would ensure a high draft pick.  

People seem to forget San Francisco,s defense is so good because they are loaded with low 1st round picks.   They didn’t do that by winning 6 meaningless games at the end of a season.  

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14 hours ago, Beast-N-Da-Sheetz said:

That **** Tampa 2 has been killing us for a while now.

why cant we just be a man defense with blitzes everytime we play man we do good. we have speed everywhere but play weak a$$ zone that gets picked apart every play. our players are built on speed not IQ so make it easy for them and just lock up the man that they guarding. I know you cant play man every play but the percentages should be like 70% man 20% zone 10% blitz

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20 hours ago, high impact said:

I have said it all along blowing the lead like they did in the Super Bowl will be in each players head every time things start going bad. Ya can't recover from it unless you have had success before. We all know the Falcons past does not build confidence. So until Quinn and his buddies are gone so are the Falcons at ever having a chance.

This can't be stated enough. Whether its and the forefront or deep seeded into their conscience, the players know that when things go wrong the coach won't have the answers/adjustments. I find it incredible that we have not cut bait on this staff as of yet.

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3 hours ago, WhenFalconsWin said:

Watching some games today makes me realized how far behind this team is over other well coached teams We need to start a house cleaning sooner rather than later.  What a waste of 6 years. 

This is me, also. All hope for this season is lost. In fact, all hope for this current version of the Falcons is lost. I'll eternally be a Falcons fan, but, if nothing else, this revealing perspective by Alex Rollins, who I respect more than just about anyone breaking down Xs and Os these days, has helped me accept their current fate and look toward our inevitable rebuild with the hope that starting from scratch can be refreshing. 

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On 10/3/2020 at 7:21 PM, falconsd56 said:

Didn't watch the video...no intention to.

As frustrating as it is it.....we are only on game 4.

And as I have point out in another thread...this team is incredibly streaky.

This team will go on a run....but the question will be will it be too late to mean anything when they do.

Pretty good assessment and exactly where I am as a fan.  When Quinn got a reprieve last year there was no reason to believe he wouldn't be given the full 16 game slate and judged on the entirety of the season.  While the missed opportunities so far are disappointing there is still an opportunity however slim to right the ship.

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