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CBS: Quinn Is The Common Denominator

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5 hours ago, insight said:

I don't understand your logic, McKay's job has nothing to do with drafting players, calling plays, running an offense, defense or player execution. He holds an senior executive position, to use your butt analogy, you don't clean your underarms with toilet paper it's a different body part. 

Something tells me this is new info for the OP😄

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5 hours ago, Vandy said:

He is? We did?

Fact is, pre-Quinn under Coach smith Ryan was known as one of NFL’s best QB’s in 4th quarter. And falcons as a team were known as one of best teams in nfl in closing out wins in 4th quarter during 2008-12. They were like 26-1 when leading in 4th quarter under Smitty during his hey-days.




Even including the Quinn years, Ryan is 8th all-time in 4th quarter comebacks.



And homie would easily be a lot higher if we had any other defense. So many games lost even after Ryan gets us the lead in the fourth. 

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5 hours ago, Hurry_Up_And_Buy said:

Matt Ryan is a sexy Sam Darnold. Someone's gonna eventually go look up ALL his trash yardage and see how much his stats REALLY represent for. Like I said before the season, it's not the picture that everyone gonna want to paint because he's the best thing most Falcon's fans have seen thus far. Unfortunately, he's proven to NOT be a cerebral QB. Or at least as cerebral as most attempt to credit him to be. Matt has proven himself to be a SYSTEM QB. Meaning the better the SYSTEM, the better the QB. It's not the other way around. Ultimately, THE SYSTEM is what has failed Matt Ryan but in detail he was always a bit Darnold-ish when their wasn't the right pressure on him to LEARN FOOTBALL instead of LEARN SYSTEM. It is what it is and although I appreciate what Matt brought to this city it's time to move on. Matt's best years are behind him. Unless something rejuvenates him. And I don't think the history of losing big games he's developed here is going to serve him well going forward in that regard. I really wish Blank had guys who thought ahead of the curb instead of behind the 8-ball.

For god sakes you could have atleast put some effort into it and said a sexy Andy Dalton.  Sam Darnold hasn't even been in the league long enough nor done enough to have ANYONE compared to him or a better sexy version of him. 

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9 hours ago, Drvillain said:

Hill drops a good ball on 3rd down.

Ito smith drops a screen pass on 3rd with nothing but green ahead of him

Younghoe koo missed fgs

Oliver missing an easy INT

Ryan missing zaccheus twice on the deep ball which will probably be TDs


No preseason... I wouldn't be surprised if there is a huge turn around... and this Packer game could be It. Falcons beat themselves. 

Falcons have been beating themselves since the superbowl 🙄

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I, like many of you, have suffered a great deal with this team.  There is a visceral discomfort within me with each and every collapse that has happened.  

The OP clearly outlined what we have been through and put the matter into numbers.  I really do appreciate it.  As I reviewed the numbers, I felt much better.  I don't know why.  

For the rest of this season, when the Falcons start to Quinn, I will review the cold numbers and hopefully avoid the feeling in the pit of my stomach.  

Oh, and let's not forget:  FIRE DAN QUINN    

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On 10/2/2020 at 2:14 PM, Refried Beans said:

False, McKay was here for Mora, Smitty, TD, Petrino, and Quinn. When I am cleaning my butt I clean the inside not just the outside. McKay is first one OUT THE DOOR, then TD and Quinn. THIS TIME THEY ALL GO. 

Your post shows an extreme knowledge of continuity.  Last year they claimed continuity and then preceded to dismantle the team leaving the head intact.   If AB had wanted to keep McKay fine. Then started handing out the pink slips from the neck down like I requested in week 9, we would have had, a better chance of signing a meaningful coach and not a leftover.  We now stand on the same brink we did last year in week 4...  only we wasted a year and a half to get here.  AB probably had financial considerations but he did screw the pooch.  We do not seem to be getting better... but worse.  Soon the fans will sit in the stadium with paper bags on their heads... and not because of covid.  AB should realize this action of inaction is costing revenue... and further more I am not buying a jersey with All Time Losers abbreviated in big red letters, unless this team wins a superbowl.  No matter how much I like Ridley.  I do still have a vic jersey.


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