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Stark All 22 Review: He Goes In On Dirk & Quinn

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Koetter’s offense always makes everyone else’s job tougher, not easier.  OL has to block longer...WR routes are longer...QB has to make longer throws into tighter windows.  All in the name of explosiv

On 9/30/2020 at 8:19 PM, Ergo Proxy said:

Ya, I think Ryan missed some shots in addition to a few other things not being on point outside of some errant throws. The Hill drop was huge as well.

I think you take shots in games that are 1 score or earlier in the game. When we should be running more that game we didn’t and it bit us. I think Dirk has called pretty well so far this year but we will need more of the run game we saw going forward.

Offense ought to trend upward with weapons coming back and despite efficiency we still have scored enough to win 2 games with a handful of better plays and any semblance of defense in 4th Q.

Its kind of a thing where koetter isn't helping out the offense at times and vice versa as well. Koetter is mediocre IMO but the players haven't helped themselves out in a lot of situations as well, and it's pretty much every offensive position on the field other than TE.

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