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Any chance we beat the Packers?

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I have us winning 3-3.75 quarters. 

Depends on which team shows up. We have historically beaten teams we have no business being on the same field with and have lost to Pee Wee league teams..... lotta Jekyll and Hyde 

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18 minutes ago, Refried Beans said:

No we wont beat the Packers because this team is done. They have no motivation, they have been beat down with "surfer" lingo and have no respect for the coaching staff. Look at the game film, Quinn goes around rah rahing on sidelines and not a single person looks at him. This team will be lucky to win 6 games. Like I said earlier in the week EVERYONE from McKay on down needs to be sent packing. The Falcons whole franchise is crumbling into a situation where fans DONT CARE. The fans need some sort of step up by ownership that the owner is just not going to repeat the same process of the last 20 years and let McKay pick another deadbeat. Some front office folks gotta go WITH the coaching staff this go round. And Falcons going to have to draft a QB in the draft to signal to fan base that ownership is moving on. All the new jerseys did was paint a turd. It didnt work and didnt get the response marketing was looking for. After the Super Bowl disaster and especially after the last two week. Blank needs to get involved and right the ship NOW. First thing he can do is bounce McKay. That will let fan base know we are not going to be set up for another 4 year coach carosel. He should have done this in the off season and brought in Dodds. No more just firing coaches, dont just kill a rat burn down the nest and start over. Fans arent stupid. 

I think I mentioned McKay before just about anyone. He has Artie's ear and hence the team has been ignoring where the problem starts. Do it now, bring back Bill Polian even if on an interim basis to be running the org until we shop for FO, HC, and staff during the off season. 

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8 hours ago, FalconJim said:

I think I read on AJC where we have Won 6 out of the last 8 games VS the Peckers --- so yea, slim as it may be, we have a chance!  All the injuries, and guys being "nicked up" is my biggest concern 🙄

You know whats funny. They have more players on the injury report. With Jaire Alexander DNP saturday because of a knee issue after practicing the previous days 

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