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Per 680, Mort reporting Falcons are not ready to move on from Quinn ...

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Prepare for 5 more games of

The last 2 freaking games were WINNABLE you ridiculous excuse of a franchise

We definitely should be 2-1.

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14 hours ago, Snafu said:

I dont understand waiting when the entire sports media world along with literally everyone that follows the NFL expects it to happen and believes it to be well deserved.

Arthur has the rare opportunity to cut bait on this failure and be 100% completely absolved from looking like an *** hole for doing it.



I guess the only benefit of it is that it tells any potential new head coaches that Arthur wont rush to judgement and will not embarrass them unless its completely necessary.



This is it.  Blank has to know that Quinn most go.  However, Blank needs to start courting the next HC.  The best way to do that, at this moment, is to remain “loyal” to his present HC.

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17 hours ago, Statick said:

Prepare for 5 more games of Steeplechase runner Evan Jager falls before finish line - Business Insider

I've never said tis before so forgive me Father for I have sinned. What in the ever loving F*** makes anyone in this organization say we have winnable games from what QWuinn's teams have shown? We these horrible losses winnable? 

Oh and the part I've never said before? I never wish us to lose or tamk, but I hope the Packers beat the ever loving she-it out of us so it forces Blank's hand, but if he isn't embarrassed by now he never will be. 

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