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Per 680, Mort reporting Falcons are not ready to move on from Quinn ...

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Prepare for 5 more games of

The last 2 freaking games were WINNABLE you ridiculous excuse of a franchise

We definitely should be 2-1.

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28 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

And The Saints had already won a Super Bowl at that point so there was a lot more reason to be patient.

But that was in 09

By the end of 16  that was 7 full years and a bounty scandal which gave the organization alot of negative publicity and financial and draft resources ago.

2016 was also the 4th time in 5 years that the saints were sub .500


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Just now, Francis York Morgan said:

Too bad the team is so mentally broken they can't even remember how to win.

They really are FYM. Which is why it’s dumb to not make a HC change immediately. May not work, but team needs a spark of something new...

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4 minutes ago, Vandy said:

That’s the frustrating thing VT, we should be in 1st place in division. 


Not could.

Or maybe

Or if this or that happens

Full on SHOULD be 2-1...no two ways about it.

There is still alot of football left and we have done some really good things...things that can be  built upon moving forward but that has to start happening very very soon.


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2 hours ago, AUTiger7222 said:

Told you last week that Arthur Blank is a major part of the problem. He's afraid to rock the boat even though it's sinking. He rather piss away year after year after year of doing the same thing rather than risk making a move that rocks the boat. Dude severely lacks vision for the future. He's just so clueless.

I think AB's plate is full of problems right now. TV revenue only with heavy recurring  expenses, plus it's dam hard to find a quality HC now entering the mid season.

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1 hour ago, AUTiger7222 said:

Is this real or a movie?

It’s real. National Airlines Flight 102. It was the military supply flight where one of the Humvee’s came unsecured and smashed into the back of the plane and destroying the navigation system if you remember that story. 

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2 hours ago, athell said:


Though I didn't and don't think Blank was/is going to fire Quinn mid season.  I think it'll be at the end, BUT, if we get embarrassed on MNF I could see it happening ahead of the home game vs the Panthers.

I think it's either after GB or after the season.  I don't think there is an inbetween.


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