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This is what longtime fans....heck even short time fans get. 2020 blows in with Covid and sports is up in the air. You wait for months, to hear if they are even going to have a season. 


The season finally arrives and they ARE going to play. New uni's ( they grew on me ) people are saying they should be a good team. But most of all you finally get football back. YAY.


Might as well not have a season now. Like I said before. i was furious last week. I was on the verge of pulling a Ghost of gritz. But No, that'd be a knee jerk thing. I have seen the falcons stink things up before and come back strong. But no. This is the 2020 version.


Quinn should have been gone last year.  We should have a real coach this year. But nope. We are still being haunted by "rah rah look at me I'm a player's coach they love me".  Cool, coo cool.


So it is what it is. Another September with little to no hope of making the playoffs. The 70's are back and we didn't invite them back. But the 70's teams, yeah you expected to lose. That's what they did. But we loved them anyway. I'm sorry Falcons, you are making me remember the Smith family days. Aint nobody got time for that.


  I actually canceled my order for a new jersey. I said in another thread sometime last week. I aint spending anymore money on this team till this regime is gone. or they make a huge turnaround and make a deep run to the playoffs.  Yes, I said deep run. Just making the playoff's aint enough. Heck getting to the Superbowl wouldn't even be enough. They got to win it. THEN and only then would this regime get a pass. But we all know that aint happening. 


Now I hope someone in February brings this post out of the archives and rubs my face in it. and tell me SEE, you didn't have enough faith we did it. But again. We all know that aint happening. 




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