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Why is Isaiah Oliver still a starting CB in this league.......much less on this team?

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Going into yesterday's contest, Isaiah Oliver was allowing a 120.3 passer rating when targeted so far this season, and has given up 154 yards on 11 allowed catches. Yesterday, while Dennard was playing good coverage replacing Terrell, Wreh-Wilson even came up with a pick and Mykal Walker was out there making plays.....it seemed time and time again every big play had one thing in common. #26 just outside of the frame chasing the receiver after the catch.

Go back to Week 1 and take a guess who let Metcalf get behind him on 4th and 5? You guessed it.....good ole Ollie.

It's time to admit we messed up. The guy is not a starting CB in the NFL. He single handedly gave up 100+ yards and 2 TDs yesterday. He's had more than enough time and the coaching staff has had more than ample chance to see him up close. 

The guy can't play!! He'll make one play every 6-7 receptions he gives up. It's a passing league and having a sieve like Oliver manning our starting CB spot is devastating our defense. 


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Really just want to get a chance to see our CBs with 1) decent safety play and 2) an objective evaluator

People overrate Dimi because his rookies start a lot of games but blame Quinn when the rookies blow chunks at times. People praise Dimi for undrafted picks like Gono getting play and blame Quinn for not starting them sooner. It's as simple as this - Dimi isn't as good at selecting players as believed, and Quinn (or the management, or who knows who else) insists on playing rookies because he and the rest of the staff can't look at this roster with an objective lens. Early pick equals early play, because they're worried about how things look more than they are about winning games.

It's another reason I want a ST coach like Toub as HC. He won't play favorites. He'll play the best players. I've defended Oliver a bit, but regardless of what you think, he was just handed the job. He didn't earn it. I want every player to earn their **** job.

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