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2 minutes ago, Killing Floor said:

Exactly this. He plays great. He’s fantastic. Probably the best passer in the league. But he can’t make adjustments on his own. Give TB or Cam a lead by halftime and it’s not coming back. Every team can win or lose. Any given Sunday... Where we struggle is adjustment.  That’s why teams leave the field at halftime. What do we see out there and what did we need to change. Matt Ryan can beat anybody in stats. He can’t respond to their adjustments. 

It's not Ryan's job to adjust, it's Koetter's. If Koetter is still calling pass plays up big in the 4th quarter with Gono getting steamrolled that's not Matt's fault. 

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1 hour ago, matty72780 said:

Jonathan Vilma said it all in the broadcast booth. “The only way you lose these games is it’s in your head, this is not a mentally strong or tough enough team to not give up these games”. 

That 100% stems from coaching. We need to get rid of this coaching staff IMMEDIATELY! 

I’m not listening to anything Vilma has to say. He’s the enemy.

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