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Know we can't do it bc of dead money, but what could we get in trades for julio and ryan?


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33 minutes ago, hjerry said:

I've always been one to try to be rational about all these things (and not that BS rational that all these piece of **** pessimists claim), so while I want to believe in my team after 0-1, 0-3 and, more precisely, the reason/way we are 0-3, it's just hard to imagine we're come back from that. Not nearly enough rah-rah Go Falcons in my blood to think we're pulling it out of our *** on this one.

Wait lol I can't even abbreviate P O S without it getting censored? 

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34 minutes ago, Snafu said:

Giants, Jets, SF, Vegas, Chicago, Minnesota, Washington, Jacksonville,  Pittsburgh (If Ben retires)

No way the Giants Vikings Redskins Jaguars Raiders trade for MR no way in hail. Bears could be a possibility and maybe Steelers but highly doubt it.
Giants have invested #1 pick in second yr player D Jones 

Jets same with Sam Darnold #1 pick in third 

Vegas has Carr younger and about the same as MR

 Vikings have worse situation with K Cousins and about the same as MR but younger

Redskins have #1 pick invested in D Haskins 

Steelers not their style 

Jaguars have Minshew

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3 minutes ago, Killing Floor said:

Seriously. If you can move past the fact that Eglinger rolled the Dawgs he’d be a good choice. I like Trevor L too. But is he as good as he looks behind the Best O line in NCAA with top 3 receivers and backs?  Maybe he is.  We’ll see next year. 

Lol, no one mentioned UGA until you

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what's discouraging is how incredibly hard it is to have a consistent winner and be able to fill in so many holes each year  you fill a hole then he gets injured or old   a first rounder never lives up to his hype  it's exhausting thinking about all the options knowing the best laid plans usually fall apart     this is why our super bowl loss was so maddening, a once in a lifetime chance     

the only hope I have is to get a great GM/coach    why can't blank just hire a consistent winner or are those coaches just too rare to find typically?

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