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This man speaks for us all. Find solidarity in his pain.

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23 minutes ago, PensacolaFalcon said:



The Atlanta falcons at this point is like a husband with *****ile dysfunction..the wife tries to have sex with him and he starts strong she's into it enjoying herself but in the back of her mind she's waiting for it to fail and so is the husband,after a few more strokes the husband starts to fail and then the wife stops and tries to get him motivated again only to both be laying there 10 mins later disappointed and fusterated.hes a good man and the wife knows it but she got chad on speed dial..Arthur you need to have chad on speed dial or get this team some blue chew..i can't with this ****

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Remember it was Dairy Queen who vouched for Isaiah Chokeliver,

It was Dairy Queen who selected AJ Terrible over Trevon Diggs and Jaylen Johnson,

It was Dairy Queen who drank the Young way Koolaid,

It was Dairy Queen who kept hold my drink Koozie at free safety,

It is Dairy Queen who came into the season with the worst LB situation in the NFL,

It is Dairy Queen who claimed to be a defensive line expert and yet we have no depth.

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