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Reasons to be optimistic...

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The team has done a lot of good things and should be able to close out games. It's a mental thing that they need to deal with but it isn't happening.

I am optimistic because we are one day closer to the end of Quinn as our HC .

Reasons to be optimistic?    1. The liquor store is open 7 days a week In GA!!! 

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2 hours ago, Geaux_Falcons said:

Man I'm one of a few optimists, but man, when you blow back to back double digit leads like we have, it's probably time for change. I mean I understand injuries, but my goodness, offense should still be able to perform. Not sure why we forced the ball to Ridley. Not sure why we aren't just feeding Gurley late in the game. The creativity just vanishes in the 2nd half. Why spend a 2nd on Hurst, and not use him more. Dudes a complete mismatch like Gonzo was, and we still avoid him as much as we can. I'm just not full of  optimism anymore.

After they BWW INT was thee perfect time to run the football.

We had perfect field position and it was time to make a statement about what we are.Gurley for 1 yard run then it was pass pass and FG.After thee opening drive showing a good mixture we showed what we really are.

That FG in my eyes was a momentum killer.If we had have found a way to pound that in we win this game a send a message.

Nope we fumble around the next batch of possessions and we lose the game.Its what we are another DQ calling card inconsistent and can’t play complimentary football for 60 minutes that’s who we are and teams no it.

They just have to hang in wait until we make a mistake and watch us capitulate that’s falcon football right now.

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I think I can safely say that the main reason we're all so p*$$ed off, is because the Falcons do have a lot of talent, and they're blowing everything.  The players "love" Quinn.  THAT is the problem.  These guys need discipline.  Somebody even as nuts as Ditka or Coughlin.  They need their A$($S kicked.

Seriously - what do y'all think our record would be if Belichick was coach right now?

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4 hours ago, Peteshweddy said:

I heard a former saints player I once despised deliver an unbiased broadcast today and complimented our birds when they did well.  He also pointed out in the fourth quarter that our offensive play calling was abysmal.  Beats the h*** out of most of the clowns that announce our games!  

Vilma was very objective today - I was impressed with his analysis.

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I'm trying hard to shake of the stench of these last two losses. I think the absolute best this team could finish is 7-9. If that's the case then I'd rather finish 2-14 with 1 win each against NO and TB (just because).

I will say that for the first 3.5 quarters this might have been the best play calling DK has done since he returned. Today the running game was working, we had some effective screens, some guys were running wide open - it was closest to the kind of offense KS ran in 2016 because it seemed we kept the Bears' D off balance for the most of it.

I think the biggest problem with the O is that everyone knows that it can't impose its will on the ground. The opposing D knows that and we know that, and the D doesn't have to have 8 in a box to stop our running. So then we throw it and I think the D is prepared for that too. In the last two 3 and outs that allowed the Bears to get the ball back, we threw a lot, but with very little creativity or misdirection. No dump offs to Gurley or Hill out of the backfield or put in FB Smith and just send him out to flat for a gain (GB and NO do this all the time and they always seem to get an 8-yard gain).

In all 3 games this year both the O and the D have had entire quarters where they looked great and quarters where they looked lost - and our lost quarters are worse than our great quarters - and here we are at 0-3. 

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Turned the game off after the 3rd Qtr. it was 26-10 and the win looked inevitable.

And it looked like a meaningless victory that would enable the HC to hang on a little longer, drop our draft pick down away from an impact DL or QB, and solidify a level of mediocrity.

Lo and Behold I turned on Sport Center a few hours later and thought they had gotten it wrong! Brought a level of optimism albeit not the variety I really like.

But the loss did revive my hope in having things come to a head, and bringing about overdue Coaching changes.

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8 hours ago, Bart2Ryan+beyond said:

Vilma was very objective today - I was impressed with his analysis.

I agree.a

I hated the guy when he played, but he was pretty spot on as an announcer yesterday. 

Agreed totally with him when he said "it really doesn't have to be this hard". That is spot on! We are in our own way.

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2 hours ago, Cole World said:

We scored 26 points but could’ve had 30 if Koo makes his FGs (All without Julio and the Bears at full strength.)

We scored more than what I thought we would against the Bears who came into the game 3rd in the NFL in scoring defense.

We just need to get to the middle of the pack in defense.

Yeah...the Bears defense is legit and the falcons had their way with them for most of the game and that was without Julio, and Gage .


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16 hours ago, Romfal said:

nah we have no cap, 2020 sucks and 2021 will suck with it, its just the reality of it. Maybe for once we stop ******* winning pointless games and we can add some talent in the draft for 2 seasons in a row with a competent HC.

We have the talent to win now they need to get healthy and get coaches in here that know what the heck their doing.

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