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Reasons to be optimistic...

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The team has done a lot of good things and should be able to close out games. It's a mental thing that they need to deal with but it isn't happening.

I am optimistic because we are one day closer to the end of Quinn as our HC .

Reasons to be optimistic?    1. The liquor store is open 7 days a week In GA!!! 

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Man I'm one of a few optimists, but man, when you blow back to back double digit leads like we have, it's probably time for change. I mean I understand injuries, but my goodness, offense should still be able to perform. Not sure why we forced the ball to Ridley. Not sure why we aren't just feeding Gurley late in the game. The creativity just vanishes in the 2nd half. Why spend a 2nd on Hurst, and not use him more. Dudes a complete mismatch like Gonzo was, and we still avoid him as much as we can. I'm just not full of  optimism anymore.

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32 minutes ago, CTann said:

At least we won’t have a lead to blow next Monday Night in Green Bay.

No thats the one we will win in a blow out.  Causing AB to reconsider and keep DQ and TD another year and a half.  Then the optomists will spout and wax endlessly on the genius of TD and DQ...

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This team has talent.  Atmosphere must change and AB has time to possibly even salvage season.  He’s seen that retaining DQ was unequivocally the wrong move.  Now, let him move on and let’s see what our best in-house can do.  0-3/0-16....at least do something to change the narrative in and around team and bring in a football consultant to assist in reorg going forward!

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2 hours ago, etherdome said:

   I am optimistic because I know that we have a pretty good roster with some glaring holes (RB and Safety).  

With an intelligent head coach, we should be able to fix that in one offseason.  

nah we have no cap, 2020 sucks and 2021 will suck with it, its just the reality of it. Maybe for once we stop ******* winning pointless games and we can add some talent in the draft for 2 seasons in a row with a competent HC.

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