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Just now, falconfanEST1989 said:

Why is he worried about next week.....?

Yeah.....why is heaven allowed to speak??? He should be heading home to pick up a dang uhaul!


Just now, Jesus said:

What else is he going to say? Game just ended its so raw right now. 

He shouldn’t be talking honestly he outta be packing.   If he had any decency he’d say “I’m going to thank the falcons and step down immediately bc this is not helping the org nor my family”.  “They both deserve a reset”.  

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1 minute ago, BUBBASBEANS said:

“We’ve gotta dig deeper on the fundamentals and keep grinding bc results must be different next week”🤮

Dig deeper within your pocketbook and locate the keys' to your facility because, by the ensuing week, those keys will be on a key rack, distant of you.

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And this is why he fails.  The guy is not smart and he certainly isn't smart enough to understand the root issues of this team. 

So, in a dummy's way, he wants to grind it out.  Heck, grinding it out is probably the most common way that people get by in life.  The problem is that he is competing and when you compete, you not only have to out-work your opponents, you have to out-smart them.  

Quinn can't do that.  We have too much evidence to suggest otherwise.  

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13 minutes ago, UGABOZ said:

There are a ton of DQ fans here

along with RMorris fans

where yall at

I've been on his side till that 4th quarter. Fire his a$$. I'm done with this bum. Really wanted to like him and his philosophies, but it's clear that the only magic this team ever experienced under his coaching was from Shanahan. 

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