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Bringing it back #TankforTrevor

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2 minutes ago, DonOfThemBirds said:


Don't really see having only 1 one loss as a huge indicator to how good he will be in the NFL.


Those Clemson teams were also stacked with talent.

But the guy has also won on the biggest stage against some strong competition. 

I do think the guy has a chance to be very special. At this point with the Falcons this teams needs something to focus on for the future!

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I sincerely hope we do not get Trevor. Overrated and overhyped. Do not want.

0-3 Offense is a no show when we need them  most and if defense is just blowing in the wind! Well lets keep this losing feeling going and see if we can get Trevor Lawrence 

People just like him because he’s big. In big moments he’s been bailed out by his defense, running game, and WRs. And last year when they didn’t bail him out vs LSU, he looked awful.  Dude has pl

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The kid I watched play football today, Needs to be in a Falcon Uniform

His game fits this new pass happy league, There is no Coordinator that will have an issue with his Skill Set

Yes it was Georgia Tech, with that rebuttal out of the way

If I am being picky, He doesn't have P Mahomes arm strength, from what I see, and I am assuming he wants to feed his teammates,so he hesitates in the pocket too much for me, instead making a decision to scramble, extend the play or taking 4 and the slide

The interception reminded me of Matt Ryan, but unlike Matt Ryan, he could have scrambled, made a bad decision

Boy can play.......Its....Time.....

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