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*** Official Bears Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***

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It's a Calamity of Errors right now. Defend can get turnovers, but the offense can't score. Then we force the weakness back onto the field to be exposed. 

Just call it quits and start over, guys that are 3 years or less in they can stay if they're worth a flip everybody else get rid of and start rebuilding for the future. I really want an L today so we can maybe get rid of the thought thst it's not so bad.... It is. This staff and a lot of these guys have to go. 

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I was missing that today. The ole throwing short of the first down marker.

Time to brace for our Achilles heel... The 2nd half😪

Oliver, Kazee, and Neal can just stay in the locker room after halftime

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2 minutes ago, GeniusWizard111 said:

you know what, ryan should get some blame around here

He is solely to blame the last 3 drives. When is time to hit clutch deep routes, he stinks. This comeback is completely the offense fault. 4 three and outs without giving our defense a chance to catch their breath? This is why i keep saying to stat watchers that may isn't elite. He is very good. He has had many drives to put the game out of reach. Now our defense, running on a budget that's mostly eaten by Julio and Matt, is very tired. 

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1 minute ago, Ghosts of Glanville said:

You have one of the most embarrassing of collapses, come out the next week and do the exact same thing.  That alone should get everyone fired 

Yup - but it ain’t just 2 weeks. We’ve seen this drill before. The common denominator is Quinn and to a lesser extent, Koetter. The stink runs deep and wide. 

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1 minute ago, NCFalconfan said:

I'm incredulous that this team ran nothing but 20-30 yard pass routes in a clock kill situation for an entire qtr.

Coaches are what they are. No matter what they try to do differently, if they aren’t naturally inclined to run a balanced attack,, they’ll run home to mama when the chips are down.

Dirk is a passer. He can’t change after all these years. Meanwhile, we have a HC who just lets the OC do whatever, just as he did in 51. 

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