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*** Official Bears Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***


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What the heck are we doing?  That was the worst possession I have seen in quite a while.  It's like we almost don't know how to finish games.  Ryan throws the ball into the ground on 2nd down, terrible throw, and instead of running for a first down on 3rd and 8 he tries to throw across his body to Hurst.  I mean what the ****.  

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1 minute ago, Halcon-1 said:

Can't keep harping about the defense when the offense hasn't scored in eons. They got 3 points off what was easy TD field position, 0 points off the next INT by the defense, 0 points off the third straight defensive stop, 0 points off the 4th straight defensive stop. I don't want to hear it. Ryan is a little off since that hit notwithstanding. 

as I write this. . . 0 points after CHI just scored on the defense.

Exactly why Koetter is just a bad OC

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