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*** Official Bears Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***


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I have to be honest with you all. I could care less if the Falcons are joke, if announcers clown them, if we are all laughing stock. Maybe its because I'm of a pre-millennial generation, but all that rep stuff means zero to me. I'm all about process and results. Continuing the get the same results with no major process changes is infuriating to me. I even think the offense was trying to be better until the 4th quarter when they went pass happy with the big lead. They ran the ball so effectively all day to protect the D, but after Chicago scores to make it a one score game you have an 20 second possession.   PLEASE. 

This has to end now. AB, do what needs to be done. Show us that the results are unacceptable and the process will change to ensure results do as well. 

To keep all the major pieces in place and expect different results may be hopeful, but it is not rational.

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I called this the whole game from the second qtr onward. Called the Deep passes in the third when we should have been running. Called the bears easily coming back on our non secondary, called Ryan's int at the end... just terrible.


Quinn, koetter morris getting fired are the only way any of this is worth it. 

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3 minutes ago, thanat0s said:

Well, we will know tomorrow if we have anything resembling ownership and oversight on this team. 

If Quinn is still the coach this time tomorrow, find other things to do with your Sunday. I know I will. I can’t continue to reward that organization with my time if they won’t do what should’ve obviously been done at the end of last season. 

Quinn is a loser, and he infects everybody around him with it. 

I haven't watched these turds since early last year when I cancelled Direct TV. I did see last week's meltdown. Good to see I haven't missed anything. I'll come back and watch when DQ and TD are gone. Otherwise I'll continue to hang out with Netflix. 😅😅

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2 minutes ago, falconsd56 said:

We should be 2-1

Not could be

Not maybe

Not possibly 

Not "well if this or that"

We SHOULD be 2-1. Even with us missing 3/4 of the defense....we should be 2-1

If Quinn is fired tomorrow....that would not shock me....and as much as I would like to say that I would disagree with that but honestly right now...it is probably time for a change


Welcome to Reality of Suck.

This is not surprising.

There's no accountability and that's why you get this byproduct.

There's no LEADERSHIP that's why you get such outcomes.

Winning aside. As professional organization you need to have some culture a DNA. Which is missing for that reason.

I've officially given up on this team until I see wholesale changes.

Falcons Fans deserve better. This city deserves much more.

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1 minute ago, FinalScore2.0 said:

The entire team choked in the 4th qtr. Offense, defense and spacial team. Can't blame one player or one coach. This team is mentally weak right now.

We got out coached and out played....Oliver is a weak link.  If we win this game and Sheffield comes back we are ok.  Didn't happen so we suck for this year.  DQ is toast....

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1 minute ago, dragonsyth said:


I’m ok with Hurst and Hill too. (Hill had that one drop but he’s a really good change of pace.)

Yeah, I want to keep Hurst too.  What happened to him in this game though?  He had that td but other than that he completely disappeared.  Does Koetter just not know how to use him?

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