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*** Official Bears Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***

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I was missing that today. The ole throwing short of the first down marker.

Time to brace for our Achilles heel... The 2nd halfūüė™

Oliver, Kazee, and Neal can just stay in the locker room after halftime

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Who are we playing next week Green Bay?  No way we win that game.  Looking at 0-4.  At this point are y'all honestly hoping we win a few games the rest of the way?  I'm not.  I will be happy if we lose every single game this season.  That'll guarantee you some major changes which we desperately need.

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4 hours ago, RING OF HONOR said:

I've supported this team through 3 decades....Today...I'm truly embarrassed 

Almost 6 decades for me. They know how to put a knife in you and turn really hard. If Blank keeps this nonsense going he will be a laughing stock of NFL owners.

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Well, **** the trolling from other fans. It is not me who makes the call, makes the play or makes the stupid penalties. DQ does not pay my rent, and he does certainly not force me to watch another game under his book. I will rise above this team and spend time on things i can control. I am Falcons fan for life, but what is going on the field has nothing to do with the support of the franchise. It is destroying the franchise, and it needs to be put an end to it! 



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1 minute ago, thanat0s said:

Well, we will know tomorrow if we have anything resembling ownership and oversight on this team. 

If Quinn is still the coach this time tomorrow, find other things to do with your Sunday. I know I will. I can’t continue to reward that organization with my time if they won’t do what should’ve obviously been done at the end of last season. 

Quinn is a loser, and he infects everybody around him with it. 

Blanks decision making should makes us all nervous. I wish he'd sell the team.

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1 minute ago, isproab said:

Part of the problem is the Falcons lack leadership. I never see guys come unglued at the other players that wet the bed. 

Sometimes, guys need to be made to feel like they suck and its their fault when they F up. The heck with this nice guy, professional, keep it in the locker room.... It obviously never goes down in the locker room because they do the same ****. 

Leadership STARTS with the bald-headed dude

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We should be 2-1

Not could be

Not maybe

Not possibly 

Not "well if this or that"

We SHOULD be 2-1. Even with us missing 3/4 of the defense....we should be 2-1

If Quinn is fired tomorrow....that would not shock me....and as much as I would like to say that I would disagree with that but honestly right now...it is probably time for a change


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