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Calvin Ridley “hate thread”. Come on in and trash him!!

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Not sure what I am reading here. If Julio's Hamstring is hurt, then let him play with 1 crutch, still the best WR in the league even in that situation. 

As for Ridley, isn't he the one who made the mistake of scoring all those TD's last week making all us Falcons fans think we might actually win for a change. 

How dare him to do that! There would have not been an onside kick at all had he not scored all those TD's. J/K..... 


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LOL, what's weird is, there are so many posters that are lost in space, that sometimes it's difficult to tell whose being facetious & whose serious... 

It's good to see some Falcon fans can be objective.  I like Ridley.  Really I do.  In fact, I swear I love Calvin Ridley.  It's just that he sucks, and I hate him, and can't understand why other peopl

Im telling you ridleys route running is get off my TV bad jesus christ and don't get me started on his GOD awful hands.why didn't we take dj moore when he was on the board smh 🤦‍♂️ #Troffed

Yup, there is no doubt whatsoever that Calvin Ridley, & his garbage time stats, should just apologize right now for causing this chitty 0-2 start!

Dude clearly should have at least 150 more yards and a minimum of 6 more TD’s. 
He & MR are a fkg joke & we need to see what we can get in a trade ASAP.

Ridley... pffft, obviously not putting in the work.  Typical falcon.  But sure as ****, TD & AB will sit on their hands & then make this clown a falcon for life... Unreal. 

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You guys all bring up great points but you missed the biggest reason to hate Ridley....















Hopefully the table posted, im having a hard time getting it to post. If it didnt, its his stat line for the Super Bowl. Its like he didnt even show up...what a disgrace. Might as well sign him to a bloated 7 year contract now!

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