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How are you voting in the upcoming November 3rd election?

How are you voting for the November 3rd Election?  

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  1. 1. How are you voting for the November 3rd Election?

    • In person on November 3rd
    • In person early voting
    • Absentee ballot
    • Mail-in ballot

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Dont trust mail in ballots lol

My niece who lives in Ga in between macon and Atlanta a couple of weeks ago got a fake mail in ballot with a bunch of trump propaganda on the outside lol if you guys and ladies do mail in ballots make sure it is a real ballot I hear of fake ballots being sent out to mess up Trump and Biden supporters. I dont want to see anybody no matter what party be cheated out of a vote with a fake mail in ballot

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1 hour ago, Ezekiel 25:17 said:

Isn’t mail-in and absentee the same thing? :shrug:

No, absentee is preregistered and asked for in advance. Mail in ballots are sent to all registered voter's even if they did not request one. Some states are going for no signatures on mail-in ballots which means you "could" take the ballot send in your vote with no signature and possibly vote multiple times or even be a non-registered voter and send a vote in anyways.  Definitely there is potential for fraud on the latter.

Oh, and I will vote in person with a mask even though I already have two mail-in ballots that I did not request.

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