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#4 Georgia vs Arkansas Game Thread


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Yes it's that time of the year. Leaves are turning, some are falling; the temperatures are slowly dropping as well. It's a strange year and a strange season, but football has arrived and our beloved Dawgs will soon take the field. BBQs will be fired up, smokers will be heating up, drinks will be pouring and good Lord willing we will see our Dawgs through to a victory in Fayetteville.

The Dawgs were originally scheduled to open with Virginia a couple weeks ago, but things obviously changed. The SEC pushed back the season openers and worked out a conference-only schedule for this season, which saw some schedule shuffling and new opponents added. It's hard to know what to expect out of this football season, but the Dawgs come in once again regarded as one of the very best teams in the country. There are plenty of questions with the Dawgs offense, but the defense figures to be as strong as ever. Arkansas on the other hand has been trying to rebuild and this offseason they hired former Arkansas and UGA offensive line coach Sam Pittman to be their head coach.

UGA comes in as a 26.5 point favorite... which seems like a lot to me when we have a new OC and scheme, zero SEC starts in the QB room and perhaps the youngest receiving corps in the conference. But they are stacked with top flight talent, so the questions mostly revolve around how quickly this group will come together. On paper, Arkansas is completely overmatched. But they have Barry Odom as their DC and he has always put a smart, tough defense on the field... they will also run a style of uptempo offense under Kendal Briles that can be an equalizer if a defense doesn't maintain its discipline. And football isn't played on paper.

So lets get ready yall! It's game week! It's finally here! In just 4 more days we are going to wake up and it will be game day. Are you ready???

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Believe Kirby will want to be up big by end of 1st quarter so he can dole out QB snaps w/o worrying about the game itself - Dawgs probably want a good look at Dwan, JT and Carson. 

My guess if it is a blowout:

- 1st half - all DWAN

- 3rd qtr and into 4th qtr - JT Daniel

4th qtr - Carson Beck

wouldn't shock me if Beck and Daniel flip for the #2 QB


says here:

Dawgs 54

Hawgs 13

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I thought we'd have more excitement. Not sure I've ever been more curious about the team, specifically the offense. Will Kirby actually let things open up? A mobile quarterback. Can he throw accurate passes? Will Cook get utilized in open space? Which receivers are going to step up? So much I want to see and there are no cupcakes this year. 

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Just now, 007dawg said:

Dawgs 34-17.  Maybe not the dominant performance we wanted but considering everything that has gone on since March it is a good start 

I would be pretty disappointed honestly if our defense gives up 17 to this Arkansas team. Who knows how strong the team will look in game 1 though... these past 2-3 weeks of games has been filled with some fugly football.

It's not a bad start though, you're right. I don't think I would put any money on us covering the spread for this game.

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i'D be somewhat disappointed if they give up 17 to Bama honestly. No true weaknesses on this defense and they need to show out.

So giving up 17 to Arky is not really acceptable. If you blow them out by halftime and let the 2nd unit get major snaps giving up close to 20 points is understandable to a degree but not really.  

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