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11 minutes ago, Dirtybird56 said:

Our stadium is pretty cool but I don’t like how dark it feels to me. The openness of the LA stadium is really inviting 

What sucks is that they were more concerned with the stupid flower roof than making an outdoor football environment.  LA nailed it with the clear roof, and they still got a ribbon board.  Ours feels like a big hollow warehouse in a mini-mall.  Had we gotten what LA got, I would have kept my season tickets just because of how amazing the building looked.

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If only we can get any semblance of a defense, this division is up for grabs.

There are. The nfc least is terrible and the cowboys do have the firepower to win that division. The best route is going to be to win the division which despite the collapse yesterday is ext

Just now, Mescalito said:

Holy crap!  Just when I thought I couldn't hate them anymore, there's...this.  WTH

They already have the worst fans in sports followed by an unlikeable coach and several idiots on the team.

But this is by far the most absurd thing about them 

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