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If only we can get any semblance of a defense, this division is up for grabs.

There are. The nfc least is terrible and the cowboys do have the firepower to win that division. The best route is going to be to win the division which despite the collapse yesterday is ext

Off topic but in the( Dallas game) what i found confusing was that deep pass that was ruled out of bounds.then some guy nowhere near the play overrides him knowing cause the replay had played by then that even if we challenged the play it wouldn't be overturned cause it was bang bang but its the same the other way as well.if they would have challenged then it wouldn't have been overturned.i just find it fishy that the replay had played and some official overrode the official who was on the spot.

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How could you pull for the team with:

1) a QB that's a **** head and also a scam artist
2) a HC that's arguably the biggest prick in the NFL
3) a team with the worst fans in the NFL sports
4) An ownership group that helped cover up a child sex abuse scandal

That franchise deserves nothing happy. From top to bottom they deserve misery and suffering. 

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