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This offense deserves a better defense, better coaching

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Matt Ryan - On pace for 5,500+ yards, 45+ td's, 8 int's. MVP numbers.

Calvin Ridley - On pace for 128 catches, 1750+ yards, 32 TD's

Julio Jones - On pace for 88 catches, 1400+ yards, 0 TD's

Russel Gage - On pace for 120 catches, 1200+ yards, 8 TD's

Hayden Hurst - On pace for 64 catches, 800+ yards, 8 TD's


How in the world is this team 0 - 2?

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Very true.  I'm also of the opinion that self assessment is paramount.  If you make a mistake, the best course of action is to admin you were wrong, and work immediately to correct it if possible.

Blank made a mistake in bringing this group back.  2 games in and the realistic fans know how this story ends.  It was last week during the broadcast that they mentioned the Falcons hired Bob Sutton to help Quinn with game day management/situations.  Sounds to me like he is just over his head in some aspects.  You can't just add another layer for every shortcoming.  

Like Quinn as a guy, but he has run his course.  Not going to get it done here in Atlanta.  TD is still in question.  We have some good players on D, I just think overall the team is not being coached well.

Falcons need a "task master" as a coach....AND a brilliant mind as an Offensive or Defensive coach.  They all need to be on edge regarding their positions and livelihood.  It may not be a fun/easy environment, but that is how you get the best out of guys.  They have to WANT to win, not HOPE to win if we show up and play a game.

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Because DQ the con-man. Inherited a historically good defense in Seattle that anyone can look good with. Cons Atlanta into hiring him. Cons everyone to think he is a good coach but the real reason the team found success was because of Kyle Shanahan. I'm tired of these coaches who are so stupid at situational football as well, get some brilliant mind here.


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