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Assuming No Late Announcement, Quinn Will Be Here for Week 3 Against the Bears-Would You Prefer the Falcons Win or Lose?

Do You Want the Falcons to Win or Lose in Week 3?  

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  1. 1. Do You Want the Falcons to Win or Lose in Week 3?

    • Win (keeping Quinn around)?
    • Lose (possibly leading to Quinn being fired?)

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12 minutes ago, peoriabird said:

If Mitch Trubisky rallies the Bears back from a 3 touchdown deficit in the 4th quarter, I think even the reluctant Blank will act.

No.....if he doesn’t have reason enough now.....he won’t then.  You can justify anything and the front office has clearly buttoned their lips over their collective heads so as to see, hear nor speak change. 

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2 hours ago, jlrfalcon said:

Assuming no overnight announcement, Quinn is probably not leaving his current position this week.

So, would you be happier to see the Falcons lose to the Bears next week as it would make his departure more likely or would you be happier to possibly see the start of another "turnaround" by his players?

As long as the Falcons are in the playoff hunt DQ not getting fired. He may not get fired if they miss playoffs again because of pandemic off-season.

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