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I. Oliver.....let's talk about him getting torched over the rookie.....

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Hard loss to swallow, but next game...


  • They don't feel the need to try the rook because Olive is so bad.  He was a Quinn guy to emulate Sherman, but he is hot garbage!  Long, but no other skills. 
  • The defense took a turn once Ricardo came out and Kazee had to play.  Notice they moved Kazee to SS and Neal to FS.  Neal was burned a few times b/c that is not one of his strengths.
  • We missed Takk's pressure; he has been ballin'
  • Olyikun(sp) was missed as well.
  • Ryan played well.
  • Julio had a huge drop!
  • Ridley was awesome.
  • Gage will be a beast.
  • Time to feature Hurst more.

Two really smart players and a monster were taken off the field.  No excuse for not picking up the football on the onside kick; game over.

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Oliver isnt a very good player, but the safety play isn't doing him any favors. 


Go back and watch Gallups deep catch that was reviewed near the end. See how late Trash-*** Kazee gets over to that play. Also look at the next to the last TD dallas scored. As a single high, his play is much worse than Oliver's. Dude offers nothing in coverage unless its a tip ball that lands in his hands.

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True.  He had a few big hits and everyone called him a savior at safety, but he is clueless about the position.  Allen is not much better, due to his limited physical ability, but he knows what is going on and can communicate to the other players much better than anyone we have had in a long time.  Either way, a massive upgrade is needed in the secondary.

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