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Poll/Opinion - What Was the Biggest Reason for us Losing this Game?


What Was the Biggest Reason for us Losing this Game?  

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  1. 1. What Was the Biggest Reason for us Losing this Game?

    • Defensive Injuries (McKinley/Allen/Foye)
    • Red Zone Offense (Failed 3rd Downs/2 Pt Conversions)
    • Bad Offensive Playcalling
    • Referee Interference
    • Poor Game Coaching (Time Management/Misuse of TO's)
    • Bad Defensive Playcalling
    • Cowboy Destiny (NFL is Rigged)
    • Bad Pre-game Coaching
    • Other

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Why did we lose today - it may be multiple events/factors but what was the greatest one?

Quinn is the obvious target for blame but what would you say was actually wrong with this loss?

Did we not run the right plays on offense or play too preventive with our defense?  Did we lose too important of players on our defense?  Did the refs get too favorable to the Cowboys with their flags?  Does it seem like from the beginning the Cowboys paid to win this game or that the NFL would not dare let them go 0-2?  Do we have poor coaching that does not know how to manage time/TO's/ball control in a win or comeback?

Was the failed catch by Julio in the endzone from Gage a failure of the coaching staff or players?  Was the onside kick non-recovery a failure of players or of coaches not training them?  Should the coaching staff or the GM be blamed for not having good backups for defensive starters?  Are our players and coaches just victim to a league telling its refs to make sure its highest valued team is not embarrassed?

We lost last week on 4th down non-conversions, but this week seemed to do well with them?  Our offense behind Ryan certainly had another good game but should it be expected to score 50 points a game?

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  • Dallas figured out the zone defense and found holes in it. No adjustment
  • Special teams just standing there not recovering the football
  • Defensive pass rush not getting to Dak in the 2nd half
  • No sound running game to chew up the clock
  • Cowboys gave the Falcons the game and the Falcons hot potato'd it right back to them.
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1 minute ago, theDIRTYcode said:

3 players watching a gd ball spin, for 10 ******* yards. 10....******* yards. And we called a gd time out before that happened. 

I seriously ******* hate this team. **** I hate Atlanta at this point. Nothing good lives inside the perimeter. 

I know where you're coming from. 

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