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Who else knew we were going to lose?

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I told my wife at half time they would lose this game because of the adjustments every team makes on these guys. Then I actually allowed myself to think that McCarthy would out Quinn DQ and hand us the game when he went for two and missed it but DQ handed it right back. You can't out Quinn the mighty Quinn.

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3 minutes ago, virus said:

Who didn't see this coming .. for the last 5 years we come out flat in 3rd quarter...90% of the time .. we lose every game in the 3rd and then we get nervous and shhh ourselves in the 4th

We did the same crap most of the time Smitty was here, too. We'd jump out to a big lead in the first half of games only to come out totally flat in the 3rd quarter & let teams right back into the games. Constantly ended up having it come down to the last possession because we could never put teams away.

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Watching from Ohio. Told my BIL....we will lose just watch. He thought I was over reacting yet here we are.

I have season tickets that I deferred this year. I may very well cut my losses soon. Its very much like the Atlanta Fulton County stadium days all over again. Its no fun when there is very little to no hope of winning.

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