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Who else is mentally checked out?


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1 hour ago, Herr Beast said:

I logged out after the Seahawks loss. I was so close not watching football at all. I gave the Falcons one chance to prove me wrong and they proudly did. Today is just proof that I did the right the thing.

Fans need to protect themselfes from abusive teams. 

During our SB year, people forget we were blowing big leads to the Chargers, Panthers and Saints that season.

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I’ve said it in the past and I’ll say it again...I would not begrudge any Falcon fan that has decided they’ve had enough.  I won’t go through it but no other franchise has really tortured their fans like the Falcons have when you factor in the talent they’ve had at points and the big games to make it to the SB, win the SB, etc. and blown it.

I fully expected us to blow it today even up 20 so I’m not shocked.  However, I do find myself annoyed all over again at the decision to bring DQ back.  You knew what he was but you went with the safe choice.  He’s not going to “turn this around” and lead this team to a SB, etc.

Keep wasting years of players like Matt, JJ, etc. if you want to.

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25 minutes ago, Ghosts of Glanville said:

I haven’t cared since 2017.  Until Quinn is finally fired I will view it as comedy.  And today was top-notch entertainment 

It is. When the Cowboys recovered the onside kick, I was laughing so hard. Not mad, not angry, just laughter. I was waiting the whole game to see how they blow the lead, I just couldn’t imagine how. 

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23 minutes ago, Ghosts of Glanville said:

Same here.  When it was 20-0 in the first we could see what was coming a mile away

Same.  Only friends that aren’t Falcons fans text me and say things like “Oh My God!” “Bro, WTH?!?!”  

I just reply and tell em “Dude, I’m laughing.  No Falcons fan is truly surprised by this!”

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