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*** Official Falcons Vs Cowboys In-Game Thread ***

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In 12 seasons, Matt Ryan has never started 0-2. Here’s to making it 13. #RiseUp

Got away with a false start on that touchdown

That was full on wide zone and play action boot with a wheel route backside of the boot. Awesome. Full Shanny style.

1 minute ago, Francis York Morgan said:

That's just how it is for the Falcons. And especially for the Cowboys. Changing the initial ruling was to keep the game interesting, period.

And, why it's hard to expect to get to let alone win SBs. Falcons blew their shot man.  Just gotta see if they can ever get back. 5 year window max for Julio and Matt regardless of who is the coach/GM next year.

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2 minutes ago, Butudontseeme™ said:

Of course Blandino is Fanboy for the refs 

I remember him from the SF game last year. Was hard on supporting the refs trying to keep the precious 49ers in favor of winning; until they couldn't help but rule Julio broke the plan seconds before the game ended and on 4th down at that.

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