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*** Official Falcons Vs Cowboys In-Game Thread ***

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In 12 seasons, Matt Ryan has never started 0-2. Here’s to making it 13. #RiseUp

Got away with a false start on that touchdown

That was full on wide zone and play action boot with a wheel route backside of the boot. Awesome. Full Shanny style.

Just now, JayOzOne said:

That rule is the same at every level of football. How the **** do you make it through peewee, high school, college and a hundred pro practices and games and not know that rule? Fire Quinn now. Right now. Before he gets to the locker room and make him take an Uber home.

It’s almost like they were told not to recover it 

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Just now, derttyfalconfan said:

yno with the pandemic, social injustice, wildfires, and possibly a trump re-elect ' .. 2020 was so odd ,  we could win this year   .. i aint throwin in towel yet  

Lol it will take more than the funk of 2020 to get us winning. Dallas should have been demoralized being down 20 in first quarter. But the scouting report says, “Falcons lay down after getting lead” so they were not. 

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Once Again Falcons say F u Falcons fans... Inventing new ways to lose a huge lead.  Maybe I can hang with my Raven friends.  LOL...

ATL ='s All Time Losers!

Pathetic.... team is pathetic year after year.... how to lose in the 4th quarter perfected by ATL... All Time Losers.  Sorry but what excuse will be used in Quinn's post presser?  Huh... guess what.  We just got a large dose of CONTINUITY!  ARTHUR BLANK YOU WASTED A YEAR AND A HALF... YOU GOT YOUR CONTINUITY.  CONTINUOUSLY LOSING OVER AND OVER AFTER HAVING A HUGE LEAD. ... Haaaaaaa...  what a bunch.

Well at least I will have a lot of free time on weekends. 

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