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Every coach needs this pinned on their bedroom wall...

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Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels' new-look attack takes its show on the road Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks (8:20 p.m. ET, NBC), with the playcaller sharing insight as to how things have evolved since Newton joined the team July 8.

First things first: Is this what it appears to be, a case of ripping up the old playbook and installing a completely new one?

"No," McDaniels countered. "Really, it's more of a function of what is best to do against a specific opponent that we were playing. I know we did some things that we really haven't done much of around here for a long time, maybe ever. I think that's just a function of using the players you have to the best of your ability against the opponent and scheme you're playing.

"I would say we're going to be in the same boat we always are, which is we try to adjust appropriately, change from week to week based on what we think gives us the best chance to have success."




Coach Bill Belichick added that how the Patriots have transitioned with Newton is consistent with past years of his 21-year tenure.

"We always try to do what's best for the team to win," Belichick said. "Everything we've done for the last 20 years, and rightfully so, has been for Tom Brady. It was for Tom Brady. Everything was dedicated to him, other than the games that he didn't play in, like when [Matt] Cassel played or Jimmy [Garoppolo] and then Jacoby [Brissett] when Brady was suspended.

"So there were times when we had to plan differently, but when your starting quarterback has things that he's good at, or things you can take advantage of, then I think you try to take advantage of them."





1) Play players to their strengths. 

2) Gameplan to opponent's weaknesses. 

3) Make adjustments based on 1 and 2 REGULARLY.


Lower that ego. The players are the ones playing on the field and winning/losing games. Coach needs to play to player's strengths and put them in position where they can perform.

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