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I think we played great until the fake punt fumble

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I like what we where doing until we got hit with that fumble. I dont know what cause our secondary to fall off a cliff after. It was like a complete different defense first half to second half. I dont know if we going to see that first half team again. We started with a sack, had another sack 2 plays after. But we got pick apart after the fumble. All prescott need to do is watch a little wilson and expose our weakness in our secondary. Its not that our safties played bad its that our corners are so young and lacking talent.... if it was a safety problem i will say ok kazee neal and allen can fix it but i cannot depend on new corners like what are there expectations. If you think they played bad you can make a point they could play worst against Cooper gallup cdee....

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Bad corners and stupid coaches doesn't give you a warm and fuzzy does it?  

The Falcons since 2/5/2017 have become a team that, as soon as adversity pops up during a game, seems to instantly lose all confidence.   They're waiting for the fumble, or the bad bounce, or bad official's call...or terrible play call from the coaches... and when it happens, they just know they're done.  

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