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Isaiah Oliver: 'We know exactly what we have to fix'

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3 hours ago, Dem Birds said:

So he shouldn't answer the question? We all know talking doesn't do it, everyone doesn't have to point it out every time a player or coach says something. 

Except said player or coach keeps saying the same thing over and over "we're better than this", "we will get it fixed", and my favorite "this isn't who we are" -  like a broken record. 

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Oliver seems super coachable & sharp enough to still troubleshoot his way to elevating his game this season.

Plus, I admire his admissions & commitment to correct his shortcomings (as I am certainly full of my own).

So I’ll go with “what is giving him the benefit of the doubt for 4 more games, please?”

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11 hours ago, Faithful Falcon said:

I wish you guys weren't so dramatic about Oliver. He has a terrible HC. Quinn should have called a timeout, and made adjustments. 

Why call a timeout? What adjustment should have been made? 4th down and the defense was locked in man to man.  They needed to make a play and didn’t.

No timeout needed to be called though. 

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