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Because I have zero confidence in DQ to turn it around. I have never believed in the momentum to carry over almost a whole year to the next. It ain’t like we played the next week after going 6-2 at the end of last season. So tell me what momentum is that.

It’s the same thing as last year but what makes it worse is that the schedule is way harder this year. If they played to save his job, then they better have that same mentality because it’s already looking ugly and if not I don’t think AB will wait till the end of the season this time. 

So who might be out there that could get us to where we need to be? And I’m not talking about somebody that’s already within. I think DQ and TD needs to go.

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Eric Bienemy

I dont think Quinn will make it through the year.

Season 6 of this Quinn BS. He is an average HC at best, but what really gets me is he has no fire on the sidelines.  He doesn't fight for the team when there is egregious calls, he sits there like a w

55 minutes ago, 1989Fan said:

You think he is getting drafted before Lawrence?

Know you didn’t ask, but...

I honestly think Fields is the better prospect. I’ve never seen what makes people think Lawrence is this generational type talent. Accuracy is a concern and he isn’t going to be running around like that in the NFL. Not elusive enough for it. I can’t get that LSU game last year out of my head. And vs Alabama 2 years ago, he really didn’t do anything THAT special. He had a good game, but it wasn’t anywhere near what Watson did twice to Alabama. 

The NFL falls way too in love with guys because of their size. I think Lawrence is a 1st round QB, but his size is giving him a huge bump. 

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Only concern about Bienemy is how much of his success is based on Mahomes' skill set. Otherwise **** yes I've seem this team as it is too many games and now seasons it's not going to get better . It's obvious the offense needs to protect the defense with a ball control and TOP, we don't have the players nor the OC. 

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