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The All-Positive Thread After a Non-Win Against the Seahawks

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The likelihood that any NFL ever finishes undefeated is always very slim, so a single loss today cannot be viewed all unfavorable.  And, there is always plenty of positive outlook available, especially early in a new season.

Thus, an all-positive thread after today's adventure against the Seahawks is certainly a great thing to boost the board.  I challenge everyone to only add positive comments, thoughts, predictions, and such to this thread.


If the Buc/Saints winner this week loses next week while the Falcons win, the Falcons could already be back in a tie for 1st place in the NFC South

Matt Ryan is leading the NFL in passing yards so far at 450 total (Aaron Rodgers currently #2 at 364)

Julio Jones is leading the NFL in receiving yards so far at 157 total (Davante Adams currently #2 at 156 and fellow Falcon Calvin Ridley #3 at 130)

Falcons had 3 sacks in their first game of the year, on pace for near 50 in 2020 after barely half that in 2019?

. . .   


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Biggest positive is that it’s only game 1. A couple of years ago the Saints got torn up game 1 and ended up going to the conference championship. 

Another positive is that the new guys looked pretty good and like upgrades over the guys they replaced. 

Scratching my head for a third one...

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The run game looks much improved. Unfortunately, we had to abandon it due to gamescript. Personally, I loved the fight in the team down to the end. After watching the Texans give up in the 3rd quarter, it was refreshing to see we were going to keep scrapping for a win as unlikely as it was.

Calvin Ridley and Russell Gage are looking fantastic right now. Also, Koo's onside game is legendary at this point.

Fowler, Takk, Jerrett, and Deion Jones had some really promising plays against the run and pass.

Also, we were able to move the ball really effectively. Obviously if we convert even half of those 4th down plays its a different game. I like the aggressiveness and feel that the fake punt fumble really cost us bad in this game. Would have completely changed the feel and we wouldn't have had to abandon the run.

I like what I see so far outside some lapses in the secondary. First half wasn't so bad, but i hate seeing a safety being so far outside a play on so many deep passes. Hopefully they can quickly figure out how to mitigate those as they did in the back half of the last season.

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The offensive line was pretty good as a whole with some things to clean up.

I thought the front 7 as a whole was good in both the run and pass rush game...had we played someone other than Wilson we would probably have had 5 or 6 sacks. And we did a good job of tackling.

Gage looks like a legit nfl WR.

The rookie punter has a cannon for a leg.

The third down defense was awesome holding them to 3 for 9.



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