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21 minutes ago, octoslash said:

Seeing lots of venom being spewed at Ryan and Koetter, all deserved... but who surrendered 38 frigging points?

I see that comment a lot. Keep in mind "Who give them the time to be able to put up those 38 frigging points, it was the offense not keeping the

defense off the field, not the defense". 

That door swings both ways. Takes a team to win. 

There was no emotion in the bland Falcons playing style on either side that I saw. I'm watching the Bucs currently leading the sAint's and that team is flat

out fired up and mentally strong.  Falcons offense and defense just go out there with no sense of urgency. Winners have a sense

of urgency at all times and are mentally strong when it comes to playing the game. They realize that now is the time, because you will never have a

second chance tomorrow. 

I honestly felt like the Falcons layed off several plays today, or that is did not give their all. 

Can't say that for all of them, but like I said it takes a team to win, you can't blame one without blaming the other. 

If the offense would have put up the points they should have and gotten the first on 4th downs and so on then the

defense wouldn't have had to be on the field so long and etc... 

This entitlement coaching idea that DQ and the other coaches preaches is a bunch of BS if you ask me. 

This "Iron sharpens Iron", that catch phrase is a joke, iron trying to sharpen iron just wears itself out over time.

And this brotherhood BS is BS also, the reason I say that is people need to be held ACCOUNTABLE when they

make mistakes, not held by the hand and told things will get better if they just keep doing what is not working.  

Yeah, your right there is a lot of venom being spewed and all deserved. 

Takes a team to win. Not arguing Man, nothing but respect for your opinions and post. 

Just my opinions here, nothing more. 

Just feel let down once again as I have for many decades of rooting for this team. 

It could be said, the one thing that was supposed to be the Falcons strength got exposed today. 

The offensive line is what I mean by that, Kaleb McGary got beat multiple time and made a bunch of mistakes today. Learning pains less hope. 

And it could be said that "He was facing this player who is elite and such things", but at the same time, the Falcons should have changed 

their play calls and played away from the other teams strengths rather than trying to keep doing the same thing thinking they were going to 

fool someone. Football in my opinion is not all about "Trickery", you do what you do best, but if it doesn't work you don't keep trying it hoping

something will go different. The Falcons playbook must be about 2 pages long on offense. 

All RUN RUN PASS and call it Balanced Football. 

Oh well, sorry for the long reply, nothing but respect my friend! Just venting a little steam here. 

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Momentum was brutal. 0-4 on 4th down. Those could have made it a completely different game and energy level

Dan Quinn defense = overhyped and under performed Dirk Koetter offense = tons of yards without tons of points Nothing is really weird about this game.  What was weird was sticking with DQ as

Once again we go in the locker room at half time in a game. Then the opponent makes adjustments and we can't counter. We get out coached way too much. 

Why in the world are we hoping Koetter will learn a system he isn’t known for AND call it well?

This game showed have a chance but it’s gonna take everyone buying in to see if the creme will rise to the top.

Just wish we coulda had Kubiak...just saying.

It’s so dumb to have 2 head coaches in a row that seem to at some point have the game pass them by for defense; at least from the product they field.

Where is the coaching stability on defense? It’s one game. Maybe they flip the switch and start dominating like they did last year. Just please don’t wait until week 10 to show up.

On offense, feels like players will have to elevate Dirk as long as he seems to lack the touch for springing big plays.

Some stat said Wilson had no completion into a tight window today. Like lol

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2 hours ago, Ergo Proxy said:

@WinningIsTheOnlyOption I get your point but the Falcons today were not flat. There was juice.

Participation trophies are nothing to brag about. That juice was nothing more than fake Koolaid preached by the Falcons coaches. 

They need to end this iron sharpens iron crap, and the brotherhood. The holding hands brotherhood stuff makes the team think

everything is okay even if you aren't good or make mistakes.

There needs to be accountability for not being good enough, replace them. When I could work if I didn't do a good job, I got fired. 

Yeah, it's 1 game, you've got to give them a few more weeks, but the problem is what we all saw today are the same things

and issue's that were happening last year. Same mistakes on offense and on defense and by the play calling and the coaches. 

That is the problem with this liberal culture the Falcons have created around here. 

You don't improve by saying "It's okay, we'll get them tomorrow" because in this league THERE IS NO TOMORROW! And the

Falcons players don't seem to understand that. They don't get it. 

I know what your saying about them not being FLAT, I get it. But I don't agree, they seemed confused and had no sense of

urgency. If you want to win in this league you have to give it all on EVERY play, and I saw many confused O-line Falcons players.

Either they were out coached or out played. I guess. 

If you are a professional Athlete "Just being okay might make you money, but for your team its not enough to help them win". 

Oh well, apologize if I come across mean spirited. LOL, it's easy to say "Get motivated when you aren't the one doing the work",

but then again it's suffocating to not be able to say something when you are the one willing to do the work if given the opportunity. 

Either way. It's not the end of the world. Maybe the start and end of a few jobs for some players and coaches. 

Honestly I hope not. Don't get me wrong, I want the Falcons coaches/players/etc... To win. 

We shall see, let's just hope they can play the whole season without any covid issues and things get better for all. 

GO FALCONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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4 hours ago, FalconsIn2012 said:

Offense going to get near 500 yards but rarely seemed to assert itself outside of the first few drives.

First three drives we scored twice and were inside the Seattle 35 each drive.  We ran the ball 11 times and seemed to have an identity.  Had 53 yards on the ground.

Two hours later we have run just 9 more times, have 400 yards passing land are getting blown out.  Ran outside zone early but ignored it after the first quarter.

That's what this coaching staff is about...getting junk yards and junk wins! That's all the Falcons will be under this current regime. 

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17 hours ago, MilleniumFalcon said:

Some guy on Twitter had a stat about Wilson. "Not a single Russell Wilson pass thus far today has been thrown into a tight window per Next Gen Stats. Every pass had at least over 1 yard of separation." That's just terrible on the secondary's part.

As much as people want to over-analyze this game, this one really all came down to this one thing.  Our secondary **** the bed.  The DL was extremely disruptive.  The OL did their job protecting Ryan and opening up running lanes.  Seattle had 84 rushing yards, 28 of which came on 1 play by Russel Wilson.  They had trouble running the ball.  We also had 3 sacks and 10 QB hits on 35 dropbacks.  There is no excusing for our coverage to be that abysmal when our DL is that disruptive.

I still don't understand how people can watch the game and blame Ryan or our offense.  When you have 500+ yards without a lot of scoring, it's because of your terrible field position.  It's hard to score in the NFL when you have long fields, unless you're playing against our defense.  We had 19 more offensive plays than them, which means our offense was doing their job by keeping the defense rested.  And they still couldn't stop Seattle because they always had somebody wide open.  We held the ball 31 seconds less than half the game, almost an even split TOP, when our defense couldn't stop Seattle from scoring TD's.

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