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Looks like we are in for a long season.

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Isiah Oliver may be the worst starting CB we have fielded in a decade plus.

Ricardo Allen just isnt it. No reason to have not attempted to upgrade him over the last 5 years. 

Keanu Neal may be done. Dude is absolutely invisible.

Foye is not a starter. Dudes Play recognition and Reaction time is pathetic. Absolutely no instincts.

DQ gonna DQ and Dirk gonna Dirk


A few people on this board have said it, but we will never get to where we want to be until we get some real safeties back there. Terrell looked pretty good for a rook, but that pick made no sense to me on draft day, and now you see why. Us taking a CB was effectively putting a band-aid on a severed limb.

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5 hours ago, Chitown2ATL_Falcon said:

So is it time to blow it all up and start all over?  Maybe trade Julio to a team where he can his Super Bowl ring and we can get some draft choices?

That is the tough question. Do blow it up and get as many draft picks as you can for the next coach or do the falcons just need competent coaches? I truly think a competent coach could turn this team around but every year you wait, julio and others lose trade value. I say ride it out with the players and get a new coach in here.

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8 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

Especially if the Falcons beat the Cowboys. Gonna be hilarious. Cowboys game is extremely winnable after how unimpressive the Cowboys looked last night.

Do you think we can honestly stop a  a poor-mans Russell Wilson, with the best RB in the league? Don’t get me wrong bc I know we have a chance in every game...but this defense is going to get smoked again

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As a long time Falcons fan (40 years)  who just joined the forum ( after just reading For approx 20 years) I was stirred to act and post a topic today after yesterday's game.

I've come to the conclusion that we have PLENTY of talent on this team, but our coaches just have to do BETTER! I know our coaches have more football knowledge in their pinky than I have in more whole brain but it is rather evident that this team does not come prepared week in and week out. I heard an interview with coach Koetter last week and he said the offense has approx 500 plays in the play book, THAT'S THE PROBLEM! we're trying to do to much. We need to have 50-75 plays that we do outstanding and dare a team to beat us at it. Also on offense we do have any creativity everything is so bland and we often out think ourselves. How does Andy Reid always have his teams prepared? On defense I see improvement but RA RA Rico (who is a good dude is hurting us. Oliver is STILL getting beat! I beg you Mr. Blank as a long time follower and fan (through thick and thin) and always will be get this ship once and for all going in the right direction.

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On 9/13/2020 at 4:45 PM, falconfan5832 said:

I dont think DQ, and hopefully, TD will make it to the end of the season.

Sadly, they’ll prbly be here until after Christmas at least while RM begs for more “continuity” and in typical Falcon style we will wait until all viable replacements are unavailable and go hire some weak link cast off from TB staff. The marketing team will go into death con mode selling the “reorg and new hire” along w “Rich’s distinguished heritage of NFL success “ (there isn’t any except building the Benz) and make the new cast off coordinator we anoint HC sound like some Bill belicheck in hiding that none of the other 31 teams were smart enough to find.  RM will be added GM duties, get a huge raise and the running joke will continue as the rest of NFL just looks on in awe......Mr Blank will hold press conference and vow to make playoffs. PSL prices will be increased..... we’ll add a new red helmet gimmick......Wash, rinse and repeat!!!!

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