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*** Official Seahawks Vs Falcons In-Game Thread ***

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I liked Hoop, but he doesn’t make that play!  

And never adjusted. How are you gonna let one of best safeties in the game keep crashing the edge and not call a bootleg to his side? Adams would have been exposed on several plays if Dirk actually ca

Jamal Adams has single-handily controlled the this game today!! But our dumb offensive coordinator refuses to do anything to account for him. Never seen a safety win a game on defense all by himself.

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1 minute ago, BUBBASBEANS said:

“I thought the fifty snd energy were on point today when I checked our team thermometer......no excuses we own this one.  We’re gonna embrace the suck....some more.....look at the film tmrw and it’s gonna me a **** of a tell the truth monday.  After which, we’ll stumble into next week and see what we can F up next or which other fanbase we can humiliate even more than our own.....we’d like to thank me blank for allowing himself to be guided by fear instead of plain sight and logic last year.  It’s a quick week so I gotta keep moving.....ask DK abt his 4th and 2 plans.   I’m out and I need y’all to keep embracing this suck w me”.  This is a team effort #brotherhood of suck”

When Coach Brother is brothering with his brothers, you can bet his brothers are going to embrace the suck and get more juice in the weight room, brother!

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1 minute ago, Rings said:

I’m bowing out for today.  The sky isn’t falling.  There was no preseason.  Seattle’s scheme stayed exactly the same.  Atl added a ton of pieces and are changing schemes on both sides of the ball.  If you didn’t see some growing pains coming, that’s on you.  See you all next week, if you haven’t found another team to root for by then.

Get ready to scurry away early next week.

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1 minute ago, falcons007 said:

I don’t know, the front was great against Eagles last year too. I hope they end Kazee experiment in cover 3. 

But in Game, which this is, we were getting boat raced upfront by Minnesota. 

I remember no one being on the edges at ALL for the entire first half. Plus little resistance to the run even if we were there.

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