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Falcons Waive Treadwell.....😲

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19 minutes ago, SkerFalcon8710 said:

We have young athletic receivers.. can we let them play instead of an aging and slow sanu

The problem is, 2020 is a unique year. It is not like any other year before, and hopefully not like any year to come. Because of COVID, player versatility is key. Guys who can do multiple things are always of increased value, but this year that is even more the case. Sanu can run the ball, take snaps at QB, play special teams, and he is one of Ryan's most preferred "3rd and gotta have it" chain movers (the young guys don't have that vote of confidence yet). 

If you're designing this year's strategy to win three  years from now, I totally agree with you. If you want to win in the COVID season, go with the more versatile guy in whom Matt already has extreme confidence. 

Some will say that Belichick cutting Sanu shows he's not versatile as that is one of the top traits Belichick looks for. The fact is, Belichick has MANY versatile players on that roster and he is in the unique situation where he can accept that this is a rebuilding year while still trying to win in a soft division. Teams in the NFC South don't have the luxury of straddling that fence. Quinn, a coach on the bubble, really has no alternative other than win now. The GM and owner that put him in that box have no option but to support him.

Sanu makes sense at this particular point and time. I prefer the younger guys looking forward. I'm okay if we can't protect all of them. We have depth in buckets at that position. 



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9 minutes ago, marvinthemartian said:

Read somewhere today that it appeared Sanu’s speed appeared to have decreased significantly in Pats camp this year compared to last season. Don’t know how true that is though

That may be true but I still don't see him being slower than say what we had last year in hardy plus he's twice the size of him and could be a good Red Zone threat

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26 minutes ago, gazoo said:

When it is first and 90 at your own 10 yard line, Never stand at the 50 yard line with no player within 25 yards of you and drop a rainbow pass that drops into your hands! FinnermanS will never live that down!

LOL @ "Finnermans". He had some brutal drops but he became pretty dependable in the long run. I waiting for the day Finneran reaches over the 680 table and slaps the stupidity out of Steak.

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