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2020 Falcons Cut tracker

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Ah crap, and all this time I thought we signed Dante Fowler.

Time to play everyone's favorite game: "Who? That guy was on our roster?"

Future video of Cowboys locker room after ET signs....  

15 minutes ago, hjerry said:

People wanted a new once so went ahead

Feel free to use this for any relevant cuts approaching the deadline for 53

Not sure it's been discussed but while researching the PS rules for 2020 I noticed that for only this season teams can promote 2 players from their practice squad every week on game day and have 55 active per week. I'm not sure if they can all dress and be usable in the game or not but I thought that was a bit interesting.

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3 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

Not cut related and not trying to hi-jack but lol Cowboys DL is ridiculous:


Yep and we let E Griffin slide to the Cowboys and prolly Clowney to the Saints while we spend 13.5m trying to develop Beasley...oh wait that was last yr. This year DQ TD push all the chips in on Takk, Means and LOL Harris while MR and JJ age out. If we suck at sacking the QB this year somebody should lose their job. 

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