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Seahawks opponent preview: Week 1, Atlanta Falcons

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Last year we had Matt Schaub at QB against them 😂 They allowed the old fart to torch them for 460 yards. We 2 Missed Field Goals, had a Fumble on the Hawks 1 yardline and another fumble in their terri

This dude literally said beasley was one of our best players. This analysis means nothing to me lmao

I just cannot bring myself to have a conversation with someone calling himself booty-rocker.  Not going to happen.

20 hours ago, booty-rocker said:

Vaseline is what you’ll need on Sunday for your butthole buddy. The Hawks are a Super Bowl caliber squad Einstein. Tears will be shed by you and many others on Sunday my guy. I like Seattle by 10 


20 hours ago, booty-rocker said:

Your girl left you cause you smell like backside neglect 😂 

Your booty troubles are much worse than I imagined bro.  We already know you don't get any, now I'm like....

Dr Dre Reaction GIF

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