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But I thought sports figures were just suppose to shut up and do their sport or stay quiet. 

Lol what he thinks about Trump doesn’t change anything about the fact he’s one of the best to ever play the game. Can’t say that I agree with him on this but I will always be a fan. Kinda weird t

To be fair....pretty much everyone is a less athletically impressive.....dude is a monster...even today. The 3 greatest athletes that I ever saw on the field were Walker, Bo Jackson,  and Deion 

51 minutes ago, Forever Julian said:

Trump retweeted this lol

Yeah Herschel, cause Goodness knows Your best bud Chump hasn’t said/done anything this bad to brown/the blacks. 

This is when he loses any credibility he might have gained in “speaking his mind”. 

Wanted and should’ve said it two weeks ago but he is like OJ speaking for black folks.


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1 hour ago, Andrews_31 said:

Yeah buddy, they need to find a cure for covid so your MIL can come across the pond for a visit..............................with her good looking asss!:worship:👿:lol:💪

I'll see if I can get a pic for you. I don't have any pics of her on my phone so I'll have to sneak one off the Mrs.

It's gonna be weird if she catches me. Not sure what I'd tell her. 😁

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