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Absolutely. Future Braves HoF'er.

Officially official   

Kakes gets a lot of heat but when its over his Braves career will carry a very solid stat line.

22 minutes ago, ATLFalcon36 said:

Is it still 7 innings? Or they said traditional meaning 9?

They mean each game has a set start time. Not the whole game 2 starts 45 minutes after game 1 starts. All doubleheaders are 7 innings this year except one. First doubleheader of the season between the White Sox and Indians were regular 9 inning games and then they changed the rules.

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Soroka did a zoom meeting with reporters. DOB said hes smiling, upbeat and in good spirits. Soroka told them he has been talking with Wainwright and others that recovered from the procedure. He said he knew immediately his season was over. He heard it and knew instantly it wasn't just a muscle pull. Soroka did say he plans to push it but will be smart about his recovery. 

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