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Phillies @ Braves

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Speaking of 16 years ago, it's time for a rally    

Also, I really hope ARod buys the Mets. I cant listen to him anymore. 

Workman is gonna fit in fine with the Phillies bullpen...

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1 minute ago, Malachore said:

Pache has a really long swing to me. Is that something they gping to have to fix?

Its something they've already addressed. He has a history of it. Hes come a long way with the bat but hes still developing that part of his game. His big tool is the glove.

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7 minutes ago, AUTiger7222 said:

All Culberson does after going what feels like years with an AB is drive one all the way to the wall. Why we don't play him more I'll never understand!

Im honestly just not sure where we would play him. He would be a downgrade defensively playing on the infield and we have Acuna, Inciarte, Ozuna, Markakis, Duvall and now Pache in the outfield. Not enough playing time to go around it seems

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