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Peter King was told by a Falcon player...

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The comment from the original tweet is funny.    

Vic is much more pastor than football player if we are being honest.  Wish him well.

Taking his con to the next level huh? Need more suckers.

Not surprised, but good for him. Do what you are really passionate and love if you can.

I hope he does immediately pray and thank the Falcons for last seasons salary, as he mine as well have wore a mask and help up TD and gang with a handgun. 

I do love him though and hope he just finds peace and pure happiness. WE ALL DESERVE THAT>

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1 hour ago, Geneaut said:

Ain't gonna mess with the Big Man Upstairs and joke about this. If that is his goal I'll just sincerely wish him the best. We might need more preachers around after this year.


Being a preacher is a great goal if he is sincere about spredding the word of God and not looking at it like one of those money-grabing crooks.


I don't think we need more preachers overall because they are popping up just about everyday. But I agree that we need more good ethical preachers.



But as a football player, Beasley needs to be more focused on being the best he can be until he calls it career. People respect preachers who are hard working and give their all in what they do. Even if they aren't that good at it.

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