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Camp Life - A day with Foye Oluokun

Goober Pyle

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Thanks for sharing GP....really been wanting to see the COVID-19 procedures, social distancing, testing, etc....

What was the dude doing on the floor? It’s not too smart to be crawling around on a germy floor that everybody’s been walking on. It’s an easy way to catch the virus with all the shoes tracking germs in.....touch floor with fingers and touch face eyes, noses, mouth. We don’t need that...

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20 hours ago, jdawg4876 said:

I also liked the vid, but while you worry about the o line, i worry about the lbs. I feel like we got deion and a bunch of 3rd stringers 

I worry about the LBs too. But not as much as the OL. I feel like we have stop gap options at LB. Fowler, Means, Buchannan, Neal, etc. Not so much on the OLine though.

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