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See, Minter shaved that goofy hipster beard down to a regular man beard and he's pitching better this season!

Don't you dare go there!! Tim Hudson rocked one in his younger days and he was amazing. LOL!

Way better than 6 minute abs.  

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5 mother****ing walks including 3 in a row!! Holy **** kid!! You throw 95 mph with a crap ton of movement!! Holy **** throw strikes dammit!! Stop trying to be perfect!! Aim straight down the middle of the plate and let the pitches work for you!!! It's not that ******* hard!!

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You see that Kyle Wright? That pitch right there was 92 mph and nearly right down the middle and all Ozuna do with it was drill it straight down into the ground because the pitch has movement on it and the hitters can't square it up very often. Why don't Braves pitchers do it?

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